Master Your Mind For Your Next Level of Success

For Your Next Level of Success

As a leader in today’s dynamic marketplace, you need your whole team working at peak performance.  No longer is it sufficient for innovation to only reside in the R&D function.  Yet studies show that most companies are challenged to create a culture that stimulates innovation and high performance. 

Sheila uses neuroscience backed methods to help each member of your team unlock their creative mindset to drive extraordinary results.  She will equip your team with mindset strategies that produce extraordinary results, including increased innovation, improved decision-making, thriving during change and more effective teamwork..  

Sheila’s approach and the results her clients see are unlike other programs you may have experienced.  She gets to the heart of what allows individuals to not only adapt to change, but to thrive and become catalysts for it.  Her personalized programs and coaching will help your team identify and release blocks to performance, teamwork and innovation.

Corporate Programs

We’ll help you identify what is holding your team back from the extraordinary performance they know they are capable of, then show them how to shift it. You will see a team that is motivated to outperform their goals, and drive innovation and growth.

Your Mindset Rules Program

Choose either a group workshop only or a combination of group workshop and one-on-one coaching to help your team shift their mindset to support improved innovation, productivity, confidence, decision making and communication. Workshops and one-on-one coaching can be held in person or virtually.

Leadership Coaching

Provide one-on-one coaching for senior leaders, new leaders, or any leader facing significant new challenges through one-one-one coaching to enhance management skills, communication, and create a culture of trust that drives performance and innovation.

Next Level Success Business and Personal Growth

Module 1 Starting the Journey

  • Starting the Journey Can you really change your mindset?
  • The missing link in learning and growth
  • Overview of Your Mindset Rules journey

  • Module 2 - Expand Your Brain Power

  • Expand Your Brain Power Understand what drives your thoughts and behaviors
  • Navigating your nervous system
  • Leveraging the mind/body connection - emotions/thoughts/physical

  • Module 3-Using Visualization for Success

  • Using Visualization for Success
  • How energy and emotion impact our results
  • Creating a powerful vision
  • Actualizing your vision

  • Module 4 - Removing Blocks to your Success

  • Uncovering what is blocking your next level of success
  • The most common types of resistance & how to overcome them
  • Module 5 - Building a Growth Belief System

  • The role of your belief system in your success
  • Identifying your limiting beliefs
  • Shifting to supportive beliefs

  • Module 6 - Simple Shifts

  • Shifts to support your mindset shifts
  • Simple practices for sustaining success